Reporting accurate data to your customers — From the Desk of Gary Stidsen

From the Desk of

Gary Stidsen, Reference Standards Business Manager

Reporting Accurate Data to Your Customers—the Role of Reference Standards

There are many factors affecting the accuracy of data reported in samples analyzed by GC and LC, including sample collection, sample preparation, and instrumentation analysis. Some variations in data accuracy are inherent in the workflow process and are difficult to overcome. However, the GC and LC instrument calibrations are controllable and an important aspect of reporting accurate information to data users. The source of calibration standards is a crucial decision for laboratories—you can rely on Restek as your trusted source of high-quality Certified Reference Standards (CRMs).

What gives our customers “peace of mind” when working with Restek?

Restek has been manufacturing reference standards for over 30 years. Our chemists and staff are very knowledgeable and are also available to help to solve reference standards challenges, such as compound stability, customized mixes, and use and storage of standards. A brief overview of Restek’s reference standards business and operations is in the following link:

Why are Restek reference standards known in the industry to be consistently reliable and high quality?

Restek reference standards, both stock and customs, are manufactured and tested in our ISO 17034 and 17025 accredited labs following strict protocols from neat material characterization through final solution production and verification. Find out more in our “10 Critical Steps to World-Class Reference Standards”:

To learn more about Restek and reference standards, follow the link to our website where stock products and custom standards can be ordered:

Best Regards,

Gary Stidsen, Reference Standards Business Manager


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