Raptor C18: Not All C18s Are Created Equal

Raptor Speed, Efficiency, and Long-Lasting Ruggedness—in C18 Columns

Every LC lab has a cache of C18s, but not all C18s are created equal. When you need a general-purpose LC column, don’t just grab any C18. Choose the speed, efficiency, and long-lasting ruggedness of the Raptor C18 column:

  • A traditional end-capped C18 ideal for general-purpose use in reversed-phase chromatography.
  • Wide pH range provides excellent data quality for many applications.
  • Offers the highest hydrophobic retention of any Raptor phase.

Whether for food safety or environmental or bioanalytical analyses, the Raptor C18 phase offers consistently excellent data quality in less time across myriad reversed-phase applications, matrices, and compound classes.


To lower costs and improve profitability, you need columns to last longer, data to be reproducible, and existing HPLC and UHPLC instrumentation to run faster. Get there with the only general-purpose C18 that gives you Selectivity Accelerated—the Raptor C18 column.

Short-Chain PFAS and Above

When it comes to short-chain PFAS (C4-C6) and above, our scouting of different phase chemistries showed the C18 phase was the best choice. As the alkyl chain on PFAS molecules gets longer, the interactions between those chains and the C18 ligand increase, providing a great mechanism for retention and resolution.

Simplify LC Method Migration with Pro EZLC Method Translator

Scaling down an existing LC method to a smaller column format can speed up run time, increase sample throughput, and reduce solvent use. Pro EZLC method translation software streamlines this process by eliminating manual calculations and time-consuming lab work.

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