NEW Application Note – Analysis of acrylamide in coffee according to ISO 18862:2016


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Chromatography applied

Coffee analysis – a big market
Coffee is being consumed all over the world in large quantities. Unfortunately, a chemical called acrylamide can be found within the coffee. Acrylamide is classified as a substance highly likely to cause cancer. Therefore, coffee beans have to be tested prior to distribution. Subsequently, we present you our new application note about determination of acrylamide in coffee according to an international Organization for Standardization (ISO).

NEW Application note

Acrylamide in coffee
This application note presents the reliable and successful determination of acrylamide from coffee and coffee products according to regulative recommendations, using SPE clean-up and HPLC-MS/MS (ISO 18862:2016).

SPE columns

The used SPE phase, a special octadecyl (C18, RP18, ODS) silica phase with ion exchange (IEX) functionality

HPLC columns

This HPLC phase is characterized by a relatively high hydrophobicity combined with a distinct polar selectivity without utilizing polar embedded groups or polar endcapping. These properties are achieved by bulky chains of the monomeric C18 phase.

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