Maximize LC-MS/MS Performance with Restek

Why choose Restek LC columns?

Because exceptional LC-MS/MS performance is built into them every step of the way. From new product R&D to manufacturing to applications, the pillars for LC-MS/MS success are ingrained in every Restek LC column.

  • Stable retention times for tight MRM windows so you can analyze large analyte lists with confidence.
  • Rugged manufacturing and rigorous LC-MS/MS testing ensure consistent column-to-column performance.
  • Wide range of formats and phases provides the speed and selectivity you need.

Column Families

  • Raptor SPP columns deliver the speed of core-shell technology.
  • Force FPP columns are fully scalable from HPLC to UHPLC.
  • Stationary Phases

Our general purpose and applications-specific phases retain target analytes, minimize matrix interferences, and separate isobars to ensure accurate results.

Recharge Your LC-MS/MS Methods with Restek LC Columns

Find the right Restek column for your application fast using our online shop or downloadable catalog.

Separate a Wide Variety of Polar Analytes with Raptor Polar X

The novel hybrid phase in Raptor Polar X columns balances HILIC and ion exchange retention modes, making it ideal for analyzing a wide range of polar compounds, especially when coupled with mass spectrometry.

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