Get More Reliable Triglycerides Data in Edible Oils

Improve Triglycerides in Edible Oils Analysis with Thermally Stable Rxi-65TG GC Columns

  1. Stable up to 370 °C for consistent results over long column lifetimes.
  2. Excellent inertness permits detection of underivatized mono- and diglycerides.
  3. Pro EZGC chromatogram modeler makes method transfer easy.

Analyzing mono-, di-, and triglycerides in edible oils requires the selectivity of a polar, high phenyl-content GC column. But, polar GC stationary phases often exhibit high bleed at the elevated temperatures (≥360 °C) used in these methods. High column bleed can interfere with peak identification and significantly shorten column lifetime.

Restek has solved this problem by applying our Rxi technology to the analysis of edible oils. We developed a unique, high phenyl, high polarity GC stationary phase that withstands heat—the Rxi-65TG column. This inert, thermally stable, and highly reproducible column was tailor made for analyzing triglycerides in foods. It is also a robust, reliable option for other applications that benefit from a polar, thermally stable column.

Rxi-65TG columns produce less bleed at their higher maximum temperature (370 °C) than competitor columns produce at their lower maximum temperature (360 °C). And, even after extended periods at 360 °C, Rxi-65TG column bleed remains low and the separation of mono-, di-, and triglycerides is consistent.

Learn more about the Rxi-65TG column and how it compares to the competition.

Simplify the Switch with Our Pro EZGC Chromatogram Modeler

Transferring your triglycerides method to an Rxi-65TG column is easy—with our free, online method development tool, optimized GC conditions and a modeled chromatogram are just a click away!

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