Accurate Pesticides Analysis Starts with Restek Standards

Accurate Pesticides Analysis Starts with Restek Standards

Whether you analyze pesticides in environmental, food, or cannabis samples, high-quality chemical standards are essential for accurate, trace-level results. Trusted by leading labs around the world, Restek stock and custom certified reference materials (CRMs) build certainty and efficiency into your pesticides workflow.
  • Hundreds of pesticides across a wide range of compounds and classes.
  • Single and multiresidue standards optimized for LC-MS/MS and GC-MS/MS.
  • Fully characterized and formulated for stability and convenience.
Reduce variation and save time and money—replace in-house standard preparation with our professionally formulated pesticides standards.

Custom Solutions

Don’t see exactly what you need? Restek can blend custom formulations to match your specific requirements.

Quality Counts

Learn why Restek reference standards—manufactured and QC tested in our ISO-accredited labs—are the best organic standards in the industry.

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