Trouble with Cannabinoids Acids Stability?

Our new cannabinoid acid single standards offer increased calibration flexibility for targeted potency analysis in hemp and cannabis. Reinforced with solvent stabilizers to improve shipping and storage stability, these standards help labs achieve more use over their extended lifetimes, enabling greater flexibility for calibration curves and retention time verification. When coupled with a high concentration of 1000 μg/mL (500 μg/mL for CBLA)—and the convenience of single ampuls, these new standards can help labs save time, reduce cost, and ensure data is accurate.

  • Two independently produced lots satisfy ISO and your quality program requirements.
  • Certified reference materials (CRMs) manufactured and QC-tested in Restek’s ISO-accredited labs.
  • Solvent stabilizers and verified stability ensure long-lasting shelf life.


Streamline Your Analysis with Our Cannabinoid Mixes

Restek’s comprehensive selection of cannabis CRMs now includes our new cannabinoids acids 7 and cannabinoids neutrals 9 mixes, helping labs achieve a more complete characterization of hemp and cannabis.


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