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Streamline Cannabinoids Analysis With Restek’s New Neutrals Mix

Streamline Cannabinoids Analysis with Restek’s New Neutrals Mix

There’s a simple but often overlooked way to save time and money on potency analysis: replacing manually prepared stock standards with a multi-compound formulation. Restek’s new 9-component cannabinoid neutrals mix (1000 μg/mL) simplifies calibration curve prep, which also minimizes errors, saves time, and reduces costs.

Using Low-Pressure GC-MS to Speed Up Pesticides Analysis in Cannabis Products

Low-pressure GC-MS (LPGC-MS) provides significant speed gains compared to conventional methods and, with Restek’s new column kit, it’s now simple to set up. In this article, we evaluate LPGC-MS performance for the analysis of pesticides that are regulated by California but that are not easily detected via electrospray ionization.

How to Avoid Reporting False Positives for Delta-9-THC in Urine

What happens when delta-8-THC is ingested and a urine screen for delta-9-THC—a schedule 1 controlled substance—is performed? This Raptor FluoroPhenyl method ensures drug testing labs can accurately distinguish THC urinary metabolite isomers and avoid reporting false positives.

Is LC-MS the Future of Cannabinoid Potency Testing?

Potency testing is usually run by LC-UV because it is relatively inexpensive and requires minimal training, but it lacks sensitivity and is limited by the need to resolve all analytes. LC-MS is a much more powerful alternative, and this method allows 21 cannabinoids to be determined, including isobaric compounds, in just 9 minutes.