Simplify workflows and increase certainty with Restek custom standards

Why Choose Custom Reference Standards from Restek?

For typical methods, stock standards from a reputable vendor are a convenient choice, but for labs running methods with unique analyte lists, off-the-shelf products may not exist. In these cases, labs may use available standards that are not ideally matched to their needs, or they may invest significant time and resources into preparing their own standards. Custom reference standards from Restek are a better solution because you do not have to choose between customization, quality, or convenience.

Restek Custom Reference Standards Provide:

  • Made-to-order formulations that match your exact specifications.
  • Quality built in by decades of experience and production in ISO-accredited labs.
  • Consultative expertise and convenient services to streamline ordering.

Simplify lab operations and boost quality and efficiency with Restek custom reference standards.

Quality Counts

Learn why Restek reference standards—manufactured and QC tested in our ISO-accredited labs—are the best organic standards in the industry.

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