Separate a wide variety of polar analytes with Raptor Polar X

Separate a Wide Variety of Polar Analytes with Raptor Polar X Columns

Unique, hybrid-phase Raptor Polar X columns provide both HILIC and ion-exchange retention, so you can easily control separations. Ideal for simultaneous analysis of acidic, basic, and neutral polar compounds, especially by mass spectrometry.

  • No time-consuming derivatization or complex ion pairing.
  • Switch between retention modes with simple mobile phase changes and short equilibration times.
  • Ideal for increasing sensitivity and selectivity in LC-MS analyses.

How Does It Work?

Polar compounds are typically hard to analyze by LC, but Raptor Polar X columns consistently provide good retention and peak shape. Read on to learn how they work and see results for a wide range of polar analytes from pesticides to amino acids to PFAS.

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