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Ready-to-Use Test Mix for GC Inlet Inertness

Conveniently Evaluate GC Inlet Inertness with New “Snap & Shoot” Check Mix

Monitoring GC inlet inertness is easy using Restek’s new check standard. This mix contains endrin and DDT at ready-to-use concentrations, so no dilution is needed. These compounds are excellent inertness probes, and high breakdown is an indication that there will be performance issues for other sensitive analytes.

New Combined Method for Ethylene Oxide and TO-15A Analysis

Ethylene oxide (EO) is a hot topic in air analysis because it has been found to grow in air canisters, causing biased results. As this method evaluation shows, EO analysis can be combined with TO-15A testing, producing detection limits down to 18 pptv, good accuracy and precision, and a stability of a least one week.

Simplify Glyphosate Analysis with This Direct Injection Method

In this approach for glyphosate in water, ppt-level sensitivity is easily achieved with direct 500 µL injections (no derivatization or ion pairing). The unique hybrid retention modes of Raptor Polar X columns optimize retention and elution such that large volume injection can be used to improve low-level sensitivity.

Method Guide for PFAS Analysis: A Survey of Global Methods and Guidelines

Due to the prevalence of PFAS in our daily lives, governments and scientific communities continue to develop new PFAS testing methods to detect these “forever” chemicals. In this article, we survey existing PFAS testing methods and guidelines from around the world to help labs find successful testing methods for their samples.