Prevent downtime due to broken transfer tubing

Durable MXT Guard Columns Prevent Downtime Due to Broken Transfer Tubing

For applications that demand inert and unbreakable transfer tubing, Siltek-treated MXT guard columns are an ideal solution. Unlike fused silica transfer tubing, metal MXT guard columns are nearly indestructible and have extended lifetimes, so your instrument stays up and running longer. Plus, Siltek deactivation ensures a highly inert flow path, so your analytes aren’t lost to active sites.

  • Rugged metal construction prevents downtime to replace broken tubing.
  • Stable, inert Siltek treatment is compatible with most common solvents and ensures more complete analyte transfer.
  • Ideal for high-temperature applications, even up to 450° C.

Eliminate Column Breakage with Durable MXT Columns

Rugged, metal MXT columns stand up to high temperatures and harsh environments that fused silica columns can’t withstand. Perfect for field instruments, process GCs, and more, Restek MXT columns provide the strength of metal with the inertness of glass and are guaranteed to perform under tough conditions.

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