Our New Rxi-LAO GC Columns Improve Your LAO Impurity Analysis

Specifically applicated for linear alpha olefins (LAO) impurity analysis, Restek’s new Rxi-LAO GC columns provide accurate analysis of these compounds including 1-butene, 1-hexene, and 1-octene. Combining a stationary phase with a unique selectivity and an optimal, one-column method, these new columns help labs improve this critical analysis by increasing system uptime and sample throughput.

Rxi-LAO columns are defined by four key features:

  • Unique selectivity enables high resolution of impurities from peaks of interest for excellent data quality.
  • One-column method reduces instrument setup and analysis time, resulting in fast, accurate, and complete analysis.
  • Application-specific column dimensions increase sample throughput.
  • Pro EZGC chromatogram modeler libraries simplify analysis optimization.

Improve Your LAO Analysis by Switching to Rxi-LAO Columns.

Renowned Rxi Column Technology as Standard

As part of the Rxi GC column family, Rxi-LAO columns benefit from the industry-leading GC column technology that is standard across our entire Rxi column line, bringing high column-to-column reproducibility and low bleed to each Rxi-LAO column.

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