Optimize Your Residual Solvents Analysis with Our Rxi-624Sil MS GC Columns

Optimize Your Residual Solvent Analysis with Restek’s Rxi-624Sil MS Columns

Restek’s Rxi-624Sil MS capillary columns incorporate our unique proprietary mid-polarity cyanopropyl/phenyl stationary phase, providing enhanced selectivity and excellent retention and separation of residual solvents. Methods can be developed and optimized in minutes for this column using our free Pro EZGC chromatogram modeler, reducing your analysis time, and increasing your lab’s throughput.

Combine with Pro EZGC Software to Simplify Your Method Development and Optimization

Rxi-624Sil MS columns are fully supported by our Pro EZGC chromatogram modeler, allowing labs to simplify their analysis optimization. This free, easy-to-use software helps you perform GC method optimization and method development in minutes—without needing to use an instrument.

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