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We provide high quality vials and caps products for your laboratory work along with accessories like crimping tools and vial racks.

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Experience website support beyond a 24 h option to shop chromatography consumables and learn more about additional chromatography services that facilitate your daily lab work by watching the below video. It will guide you through all supporting tools that are relevant to identify the right MN vials and caps product, like the VialFinder, with which you can convert part numbers of other suppliers from all over the world into MN product REFs. Furthermore it demonstrates in detail how to use the filters in a correct and optimal way, in order to find a vial or closure according to its product features. The video also explains all sources for gaining more knowledge, either on currently popular chromatography applications (please see “Featured topics”) or on new MN product launches/ interesting chromatography topics (please see “Chroma News”). Discover our E-Training section that allows you to train yourselves by illustrative training videos at any time that is convenient to you.


There is more to our website than just a webshop. Learn more about additional chromatography services that facilitate your daily lab work.

Featured products


Vials and caps for PFAS analysis

PP vials and fluorine-free closures

  • Silicone/Polyimide fluorine-free closures (for sample integrity)
  • Screw closures N 9 (702402) and snap ring closures ND 11 (702403)
  • Polypropylene vials with low adsorption of PFAS analytes

Headspace analysis

Optimal sealing by so-called Pharma-Fix closures

  • Only centrically coated with PTFE (Silicone/PTFE or Butyl/PTFE)
  • Molded liner with lamellar designed edges for good compression
  • “Suction” between elastomeric material and edge of the glass
    creating an extremely good and firm seal


Firmly integrated inserts in vials

  • Either glass in glass or glass insert in plastic vial

  • 100 per cent centered fixation of the insert for a safe injection

  • Ready-to-use, safe standing position and trouble-free run in the autosampler

  • Alignment of the insert‘s rim with the vial neck for tight sealing

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