New from Restek: Universal FID Jets for All Agilent GCs

Looking for universal fit FID jets for all your Agilent GCs? Only Restek offers high-performance, Siltek-treated versions and convenient, cost-effective multipacks of these easy-install replacement jets.

  • Compatible with all Agilent GCs from the new 8890 and Intuvo models down to the 5890—stock just one type of jet to fit all your Agilent GCs.
  • Available with optional Siltek coating to provide the extreme inertness needed for accurate analysis of active compounds.
  • Choose convenient, cost-effective multipacks so new jets are always on hand when needed.

How to Replace an FID Jet

Replacing an FID jet is an essential part of routine maintenance. Fortunately, it’s an easy task and in this quick video tip we show you how!

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