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Join our webinar on exploring the Low-Pressure GC (LPGC) technique

Live Webinar:
Exploration of the Low-Pressure GC (LPGC) Technique

Wednesday, June 19, 2024, at 11:30 a.m. ET
Jana Hepner, Principal Scientist, GC Solutions

Restek is pleased to partner with LCGC International for this educational opportunity.

While there are numerous ways to increase the speed of analysis, the low-pressure gas chromatography technique is a unique way of tackling faster run times while reducing helium usage. LPGC uses short, wide, and medium bore columns—rather than a short, narrow one—with the power of the mass spectrometer to decrease analysis times. Coupling this type of analytical column with a narrow guard column that acts as a restrictor allows normal head pressure at the inlet, while the analytical column is operated under near-vacuum conditions. Because of shorter run times and lower flow rates, LPGC can lead to an 80% reduction in helium usage compared to conventional GC-MS using a 30 m column and make run times up to four times faster.

  • Learn how LPGC works and how to use it for analyses.
  • Understand how the technique can reduce run times and carrier gas usage.
  • See the limitations of the technique and when LPGC might not be appropriate.
  • Join us for this valuable educational webinar!