How to prevent SRM window shifting

How to Prevent SRM Transition Windows from Shifting after Maintenance

Want to prevent SRM transition windows from shifting after trimming a GC column? Our detailed PCB congener analysis has more than 500 transitions, so we certainly did. Here’s how we preserved the windows and avoided time-consuming manual updates.

Increase Sample Throughput for Pesticides with Improved Cleanup and Accelerated Conditions

Sample throughput limitations for organochlorine pesticides (OCP) analysis can delay reporting and create bottlenecks in the lab. However, you can deliver results faster using this new approach, which pairs a more effective sample extract cleanup with faster analytical conditions.

Adapting to Method TO-15A: New Calibration Curve Options Reduce Error

The new 20 pptv cleanliness requirement for blanks in Method TO-15A is a tough target that can be compounded by statistical bias in your calibration curve. Learn how the new calibration curve options in TO-15A can reduce error and minimize blank failure.

Direct, Simultaneous Analysis of Ultrashort-Chain, Alternative, and Legacy PFAS

As interest grows in monitoring a wider range of PFAS in potable and non-potable waters, efficient methodology becomes vital. Here, we developed a novel approach that provides concurrent analysis of ultrashort-chain PFAS along with alternative and legacy compounds.