Glyphosate in cannabis?

Could “Glyphosate Free” Be the Next Major Testing Driver for Cannabis?

Glyphosate is currently not approved for use on cannabis crops, but the potential for contamination and lessons learned in the personal care industry indicate a push for “glyphosate free” labels may be coming. Here are some of the analytical challenges that would raise.

Cut GC Method Development and Optimization Time with EZGC Modeling Software

Cannabis labs face continual pressure to increase productivity while decreasing costs. In this talk, we demonstrate how you can save time and money by using EZGC software to improve GC analyses by modeling method changes from your desk before spending time in the lab.

Testing THC Concentrates? Increase Accuracy by Looking for the Isomers!

Delta-8-THC, delta-9-THC, delta-10-THC, and exo-THC are among the most important known THC isomers. Using this fast method for concentrates, you can quickly and reliably separate these compounds for more accurate reporting while also saving money by using methanol instead of acetonitrile.

How Many Points Do I Need in My Calibration Curves for Potency Testing?

Calibration curves are an essential part of potency testing, but people often ask, “how many calibration points are needed for a calibration curve?” The answer to this question isn’t the same for everyone, so let’s explore the effects of choosing different numbers of points.

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