Force LC Columns at Work: Reliably Versatile Restek FluoroPhenyl Phase

Reliably Versatile Restek FluoroPhenyl Phase

Get the power of HILIC and RP modes in one LC column

  • Capable of both reversed-phase and HILIC separations.
  • Ideal for increasing sensitivity and selectivity in LC-MS analyses.
  • Offers increased retention for charged bases.

Force LC columns from Restek are designed and manufactured to handle high-pressure, high-stress conditions. Whether you’re running a 3 or 5 μm column on an older HPLC or a 1.8 μm on the newest UHPLC in your lab, your method will give you the same separation from one injection to the next when you trust your workflow to the extended lifetime of a Force LC column.

Switch to a Force FluoroPhenyl column:

  • when limited retention and selectivity are observed on a C18 for basic compounds, or
  • you need increased retention of hydrophilic compounds.

Premium quality ensured by strict manufacturing and QC procedures—backed by the strength of our 100% Pure Satisfaction guarantee. Meet today’s workflow needs—and prepare for tomorrow’s—with a Force FluoroPhenyl LC column.

Find the Right Guard Fast with Restek’s LC Guard Column Selector

Understanding how to choose an LC guard column correctly can help you protect your analytical column and save money by extending analytical column lifetime.

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