EURL evaluation of new hybrid phase for QuPPe

EURL Evaluation of New Hybrid Stationary Phase for Polar Pesticides in Food

In this paper published by MethodsX, a European Reference Lab (EURL) evaluates Raptor Polar X LC columns for the QuPPe method “Methanol extraction of polar pesticides without acidification.” Results are presented for sensitivity, linearity, and matrix effects in tomato, onion, quince, and orange.

A Methods-Based Guide to Laboratory Supplies for PFAS Testing

PFAS are ubiquitous in the environment and can even be found in laboratory equipment. Using high-quality lab supplies is essential for accurately monitoring these pervasive contaminants. This methods-based reference guide makes it easy to find the products you need for commonly used ASTM, DIN, EPA, and ISO methods.

Speed Up Multiresidue Pesticides Analysis in Food with Low-Pressure GC-MS

Screening methods are essential for pesticide testing in high-throughput laboratories. This low-pressure GC-MS (LPGC-MS) pesticides analysis provides a 3x speed advantage over conventional methods, eluting 209 compounds in ~8 min from strawberry extracts. A pre-assembled low-pressure column kit simplifies the setup.

How Long Are Pesticide Standards Good After the Ampul Is Opened?

It’s not uncommon for analysts to ask: how long are reference standards stable after opening the ampul when stored and handled properly? We designed an open ampul stability study using the 200+ pesticides in our LC and GC multiresidue kits to answer this question. Here’s what we found…

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