Develop Inhalants Methods Faster with Pro EZGC Modeling Software

Quickly Develop Inhalants of Abuse Methods Using Pro EZGC Modeling Software

Model more than 60 common inhalants of abuse—industrial solvents and refrigerants, as well as nitrites and their metabolites—from your desk. With Restek’s Pro EZGC software you can develop and optimize methods, achieving instrument-ready conditions within minutes.

4.5-Min LC-MS/MS Analysis of Remdesivir and its Metabolites in Plasma

Remdesivir analysis is currently a hot topic due its use in treating COVID-19 and other viral infections, including Ebola, SARS, Marburg, and MERS. This LC-MS/MS separation of remdesivir and its metabolites in plasma on a Raptor Biphenyl column provides a fast and sensitive assay.

How to Select Your LC Stationary Phase

LC column stationary phases are the cornerstone of purposeful method development, but how do you pick the right one? This quick video teaches you how to pair analyte properties with stationary phase characteristics to ensure you get excellent chromatography.

Get Baseline Separation of 17 Bile Acids, Including Isomers

Accurate reporting of bile acids can be difficult due to matrix effects and other factors. Use this rapid, robust, and selective LC-MS/MS method to get baseline separation of 17 bile acids—including three isomer groups—without interference from phospholipids.

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