Contaminant-Free PFAS Workflow | Choosing A New Gas Filter | LC Retention Time Shift | and More!

A Contaminant-Free PFAS Workflow for EPA 537.1

Ensuring a contaminant-free workflow for PFAS analysis is no easy task due to the ubiquitous nature of these compounds. In this app note, we demonstrate products and procedures you can use to reliably meet EPA Method 537.1 requirements for cleanliness, accuracy, and precision.

How Do You Choose a New Gas Filter or Trap?

With many choices available, selecting the most appropriate gas filter or trap for your specific needs can be a daunting task. Here, we walk you through a straightforward decision-making process to help you choose one for your analysis.

Experiencing LC Retention Time Shift?

There are multiple causes of retention time shift, including temperature fluctuations, leaks, and particulate contamination. In this video, we show several effective methods to help you maintain stable, reproducible retention times.

Need Stable Cannabinoids Acids Standards?

Our new cannabinoids acids standards are formulated with the same solvent stabilizers from our Acids 7 mix, which significantly reduce the degradation of all analytes during shipping and storage—even at varying temperatures.