Better Separation of Benzene for D3606

Get Better Separation of Benzene with Our New D3606 Column Set

Restek’s new D3606 column set reliably separates benzene from other components in gasoline containing ethanol or butanol blends, allowing accurate quantitation with no compromising coelutions. These rugged, ready-to-use, two-column sets are individually tested for D3606 method applicability and include a QC chromatogram with approximate backflush times.

Drop ASTM D7504 Solvent Analysis Time from 23 Min to 8 Min

ASTM D7504 is used for analyzing trace impurities in monocyclic aromatic solvents by GC, but the run time on a 60 m column is very long (23 min). In our alternative approach, a 20 m Stabilwax column meets method requirements and provides equivalent purity results in just 8 min.

Discovering Analyte Breakdown On-Column: Nitrosamines on Cyano Columns

What might a small foot on the leading edge of a GC peak indicate? In this series of experiments with nitrosamines, intern Yannic Schneck demonstrates how on-column breakdown occurs in correlation with elution temperature on several cyano-based stationary phases.

Split vs. Splitless: Which GC Injection Mode Should I Use?

Split and splitless are the two most common GC injection techniques. But how do you know which to use? In this video, we follow a sample through split and splitless injections and compare the strengths of each technique to help you choose the right one for your analysis.