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Analyze pesticides 3x faster with LPGC-MS

Speed Up Multiresidue Pesticides Analysis with Low-Pressure GC-MS

Low-pressure GC-MS (LPGC-MS) provides significant speed gains using standard instrumentation. This LPGC-MS pesticides analysis provides a 3x speed advantage over conventional methods, eluting 209 compounds in ~8 min from strawberry extracts. A pre-assembled low-pressure column kit simplifies the setup.

Do I Really Need to Prepare My Pesticide Standard Solutions Daily?

Reference standard manufacturers carefully formulate their products and conduct stability studies to determine the expiration date you see on the label, but what happens once you mix standards into a stock solution? This study explores what occurs after preparing a 200+ pesticide mix for GC analysis.

How Long Are Pesticide Standards Good After the Ampul Is Opened?

It’s not uncommon for analysts to ask, “how long are reference standards stable after opening the ampul when stored and handled properly?” We designed an open ampul stability study using the pesticides in our LC and GC multiresidue kits to answer this question. Here’s what we found…

Pesticides in Oranges: Exploring QuEChERS for Peel, Pulp, and Whole Fruit

When poor recoveries are observed for the analysis of pesticides in oranges, it may be due in part to the disparate nature of the sample components (peel and pulp). This article discusses differences that were observed when analyzing peel and pulp separately as compared to the whole fruit.